Glitter Questions! ∞

Hey there glitteries so I have been getting lots and LOTS of questions from you guys and I decided to answer! Here we go!

  • What is your favorite color? - Purple!
  • If you had to be a dog for a day who would you be? -Yorkshire Terrier! 
  • Who is your biggest inspiration: Bethany Mota aka macbarbie07
  • How old are you? -11 about to be 12 this year! :)
  • What is your favorite emoji? -the snowflake one ☺
  • What is your favorite symbol? -THE INFINITY SIGN!! ∞∞∞∞
  • What is your favorite t.v show and why? - Pretty Little Liars because they have my favorite actresses and actors and I love it because it is so mysterious! ☻
  • Who is your favorite actress? -Jennifer Lawrence 
  • Who is your favorite actor? -Adam Sandler ☻
  • Who is your favorite singer and why? - JUSTIN BIEBER!! I AM A BELIEBER FOR INFINITY ♥∞∞∞∞
  • Do you have an instagram? -Yes, my username is always_angela_xo
  • Do you have any snapchat,kik or any message type related account? -Yes, I only have a kik. It's always_angela_xo
  • What is your favorite store? -Forever 21 ♥
  • What is your favorite accessory? -BOWS!!!! ♥
  • If you had to be a type of clothing, what will you be? - Thats an odd question but if I had to choose I would be a shirt.
  • What's your favorite reality show and why? -The Biggest Loser because it inspires me to get healthier and never look down
  • Who is your besties? -MY GLITTERIES!! and also my friend Nidhi! ♥ She is my glitter critter! ∞
That's it for now guys and if you wanna ask any more questions just comment below and I will answer ASAP! Love you glitteries! Bye! ∞♥

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