Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring sweat proof hair/makeup, outfits + my beach essentials! ♥

Hey there glitteries! Today I am going to blog about Bethany aka macabrbie07's new video!!! I love this video and I am thinking about doing a video like this and showing you guys my beach bag essentials! But, I think that I will do that during the summer because my dad says he is going to get me Imovie so I can edit my videos like Bethany. Anyways  her video is going to be: Spring sweat proof hair/makeup, outfits plus her beach essentials! I feel like this video is so helpful because she doesn't only do her makeup in a video to show you guys, she inspires people to try new products and this is what she is doing in this video. She shows you sweat proof hair, makeup that is sweat proof and it is so awesome for the spring and summer time because it tends to get a little bit hot and you don't want your makeup to start washing away because of your sweat and if you are going into the water she also recommends you some beauty and hair products to make your makeup beautiful and your shiny and healthy. She also shows you what she packs in her bag if she is going to the beach and I kinda pack the same stuff that she packs because those products she packs to the beach is so good for the beach. She also shows you guys her friends Roxy and Ava and I knew this was coming because Bethany, Roxy and Ava are like Best Friends because they post a lot of pictures for Instagram and I know Ava from like two years ago because she was in the Justice magazine and she accepted my request on facebook. Anyways, she shows her outfit if shes going to the beach and her friends outfit. I hope you guys enjoy and comment down below if you want more videos from me and Bethany!! I Love you my glitteries! Love You To The Moon And Back! ♥∞
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