Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Outfit Inspiration! Dates, Beach day, etc!

Hey there glitteries! I am super exited for today's blog post because it is about BETHANY'S NEW VIDEO!! Her new video is about Spring Outfit Inspiration for lots of occasions like dates, beach dates and more! I really LOVE this video because this comes in handy for me and some other people because sometimes I really don't know what to where for spring because it is about to start so I am really glad that she made this video! Oh yea today's my sister's  birthday!! And I am kinda jelly of her because it is during the spring month and mine is like the beginning of school month. Anyways, I am going to tell you what kind of outfit's she includes in her video. 1. Casual Day 2. Keepin Cool With Friends 3. Pretty "Printsess" 4. Casual/Cool and thats all. So there are four outfit inspirations for you! As you can see this is her first video in her series "Blooming" I think its called. LOL And if you dont have the kind of clothes that Bethany has just make it yourself, show a little bit off you in your outfits! I hope you enjoy this post! And I will talk to you soon! Bye glitteries! :) 

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