Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter: Mere's Monthly Must-Haves: March!/Easter Sunday Breakfast Ideas!

Hey there my glitteries! Happy Easter!! Today is Easter Sunday what better way to celebrate it is with Meredith Foster aka stilababe09! ☻ It would be better with Bethany aka macbarbie07 but she didnt upload a video recently today or yesterday! But I LOVE stilababe09 so she uploaded to videos recently and the first one is her March Favorites aka how she calls it: Mere's Monthly Must-Haves. The second video is also by Meredith but not stilababe09 it is vlogsbymeredith and the video is Easter Sunday Breakfast Ideas! I tried some of the ideas out for my self because my family is here and what better way to celebrate the last day of Spring Break 2013 and Easter! Anyways, I will also put up my march favorites tomorrow because I made it already its just that I have to edit it and make all purty! :p Also, instead of it being March Favorites I will put it has Angie's Monthly Favs! and then a semicolon and then the month and then the year. For example, tomorrow it will be: Angie's Monthly Favs: March 2013! yea so this is just a quick post and I hope all my glitteries have a wonderful Easter and had a wonderful Spring Break and I want to hear what you did for Easter AND Spring Break so comment below and I would love to hear all the fun stuff you did for these occasions! I love you all! Talk to you tomorrow! I Love You To The Moon And Back ~Bethany N. Mota ♥ (Note: Easter Sunday Breakfast Idea will be on top and Meredith's  March Favorites will be on the bottom! ☻)

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