Sunday, March 17, 2013

Glitter Gossip/Miami Bust!: Packing For Miami!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day glitteries! Today I will do a quick post! It is my first youtube video!! But, you will not have to pay attention to this Youtube channel because for this Youtube channel I will only put videos for my blog. Next year I will do a real channel for Youtube and I will make my videos about fashion, beauty and more! Anyways, as you all know this week I am going to Miami this week for Spring Break and I decided to do a segment called Miami Bust! This will be what  I am packing like this video is me packing up and showing you what I packed up and more like tomorrow I will do my shopping experience and what I am going to buy for Miami (maybe). Anyways, this is just a quick post and if you can please subscribe to my Youtube channel even if it is really only for my blog but its okay! :) Love you guys and I hope you enjoy and come back for more Glitter Gossip/Miami Bust! Love you guys bye! :) Note: You may want to put your volume a little bit up to hear my voice because I don't have a loud voice lol! K love you guys! 

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