Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easy Easter Gift Ideas for Friends & Family!

Hey there my glitteries! I love saying glitteries now! Anyways, hi guys! So today I am going to be showing you of course Bethany's new video and of course I love her!! So her new video is going to be about Easy Easter Gift Ideas for your friends or family and more!Today Bethany wil be doing another Easter video and guys I love her Easter videos of course! Easter is just around the corner and lots of people are having trouble on what to give to their family or friends. But don't worry Bethany aka macbarbie07 is her to help! This video will be just about making easy and simple gifts for Easter for anyone you want to give it to. This will be a lot more fun than buying an Easter gift because it is your own creativity on how you want to put iinsode your baskets and more! This is a very inexpensive gift ideas so it will be so much fun to make them and give it to anyone you love. In my opinion, I absoulutly love this video because I love how she gave great ideas for Easter gift ideas for whoever and I was having a bit trouble on what to get my family for Easter because we do lots of stuff for Easter! Anyways, In this video Bethany will show us three different Easter gift ideas and they are so cute and I would love to give them as presents! In this video the three gifts have names which are: 1.Goodie Basket! 2.Egg Messages 3.Bunny Cake Pops! And also you will need lots of supplies for these ideas so make sure to get whatever you need to make your cute easter gifts! My fav one has to be the Egg Messages because I think they are so cute and loveable! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and comment below which one is your favorite one and I will talk to you next time love you glitteries! I Love You To The Moon And Back ~Bethany Noel Mota <3 

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