Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Sunday Outfit Ideas + Quick Update!

Hey there glitteries! Right now I am in Florida and I am so sorry that I didnt get to show you a video of Miami Bust it's just that i have been really busy lately and I have gone on amazing journeys that I wish I shared you guys. I am sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I will do videos that I have already made and edited like, I <3 Spring Tag and Spring Break, Hair, Makeup and Outfit, and a clothing haul because I went shopping here in Miami, Florida! Speaking of Spring, It's officialy Spring Time! Which here in Florida is not Spring. Well it is but it is so hot here, like right now I am sweating while I 'm writing this. LOL. Oh yea I am going to Orlando tomorrow so It will be fun and I will take a video and post on my blog but tomorrow in the morning I will put my clothing haul and then I will put my orlando video and then next week I will put my I <3 Spring Tag on here. Anyways, well as you know Easter Sunday is coming up soon and I am so exited because we always do fun stuff on Easter Sunday and I know you guys will too so I decided to blog about Meredith Foster aka stilababe09, new video which is Easter Sunday outfit ideas! I love stilababe09 but of course you gotta love macbarbie07 better! Both of them are my inspirations but macbabrie07 is way better! I also saw stilababe09 on the April issue of Seventeen magazine (pg.55) and I want you too her in the magazine! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow my glitteries! Bye! Love You To The Moon And Back ~Bethany N. Mota

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