Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Makeup & Outfit ideas! ∞♥

Hey there glitteries! Today is Saint Patrick's Day!!! So Happy Saint Patrick's Day!♣♣♣ I am sorry but today I will not be doing a C2SPD (Countdown To Saint Patrick's Day) because since Bethany uploading a new video, so of course I needed to blog about macbarbie07 aka Bethany's NEW video! Yes of course today's post will be about Bethany's new video!! Her video is about Easter Makeup and Outfit ideas! I really love this video because it gives you outfit ideas for Easter and I a going to a Easter party at my church and I haven't decided what to wear yet so when I saw this video I started to love Beth more and more! See this is why I love Beth because she helps you with your makeup, hair and outfit ideas for ANY occasion and more! Anyways, in this video she will be showing you four different outfits for Easter. I especially love the third outfit because its a girly type outfit and I think I am going to wear that for the Easter party and I don't have to wear the exactly the same thing she wears but I can make it into my own style but just with a little Bethany and a little bit of me in it and you can do that too! Merge it into your own outfit! Also, she will be showing you makeup ideas and I love her makeup ideas in this video because the colors she uses for this video tutorial is so cute for Easter and Spring it just brings like the pop of Easter and Spring colors on your face and that's what you trying to look for, you always wanna match your makeup into any occasion or the season your in. I maybe doing also this week a Airplane Outfit, Hair, Makeup and my carry on essentials for any trip because I am going to Miami this week in Wednesday and I am going to stay in touch with you guys of course because you guys are my besties and I can't leave you alone! I will do a segment called "Follow Me in Miami!" and that is just I will make videos of my adventures in Miami and I might do a Spring Outfit Ideas and hair makeup all of those stuff for Spring Break! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and the update and I will talk to you soon bye glitteries! ∞☻☺♥

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