Thursday, March 7, 2013

C2SPD #1: St.Patrick's Day Hair, Makeup, & Outfit Ideas!♣♣

Hey there glitteries! I am so sorry that I haven't uploaded my videos but I will soon I promise. It's just that for some odd reason it doesn't let me submit a video so yea I might need to make my own YouTube channel so I can show you the videos but maybe. Anyways, today's video is going to be my first St Patrick's Day Countdown and for the abbreviation it is C2SPD.  (Countdown To Saint Patrick Day!) So what this is it is going to be a countdown to saint Patrick's day of course and I am just going to do related stuff about. For example, today I am doing a video that Stilababe09 uploaded today and it is St. Patrick's Day Hair, Makeup and Outfit Ideas! I love Stilababe09 but you know you gotta love macbarbie better just saying. Not all my C2SPD (Countdown to Saint Patricks Day) will be videos but it will be DIY'S , Videos, and maybe I will do my own videos, and OOTD's and more! Anyways, the number of days left until St. Patrick's Day is..... 10 more days until St. Patrick's Day!!! I hope you enjoy and come back to my blog tomorrow for more Countdown To Saint Patrick's Day! I love you guys! Bye! ∞☻☺♣♥

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