Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beauty Feedback/Beauty Blabber: Maybelline Mascara Reviews #1! ∞

Hey there glitteries! So, I have been noticing that I have done a lot of video posts so I decided to put that away for today and give you a Beauty Feedback but I know it is Fashion Feedback but you know I have to do something with Beauty too. Anyways, today's Beauty Feedback is a reviews on mascara's, not just any type of mascaras, Maybelline mascara's. And since there is so many Maybelline mascaras I am doing parts of this segment Let's get started!

The Rocket Volum' Express!

The next mascara I will be reviewing is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara! Pros+: 1.It is better than all the Maybelline Mascaras their are! 2.Zero Clumping! 3.Makes you look like you have false lashes 4. Lastly, it lasts all day! That is all is all the pros about the Rocket Volume Express, but trust me guys there is more because I have this mascara and it works awesome! Now onto the cons. Now the cons may not be true for some other people but I did a little bit of research and here is what I found abotu cons of the Rocket Volume Express Mascara. Cons-: 1. may cause clumping 2.form of mascara bottle hurts to hold it 3.little bit sticky. Thats all for the Maybelline Rocket Mascara! Now on to our next one! 

Mega Plush Volum' Express!

The next mascara I will be reviewing is the Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express! Lets get started maybe with the cons! Cons-: 1.Sometimes can be flaky with your eyes. 2. After washing your face twice it still doesn't come off so make sure to always wash and use makeup remover. 3. The brush is horrible! :( Now time for the pros and remember these pros and cons may be different for some people! Pros+: 1. it gives you a nice curvey feeling on your lashes. 2. It builds more volume without a lot of weight! 3. It doesn't come off so you can sleep with it and it doesn't come off! ☻ That's it for the Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara! Now time for the final one for today! 

One By One Volum' Express! 

The next and final mascara I will be reviewing for today is the ONE BY ONE Volum' Express Mascara! Lets start off with the pros first! Let's get started! Pros+: 1. it gets every lash 2. It looks like false lashes 3. not very expensive and worth it! ☻ Now let's start with the cons of this mascara and remember that sometimes these reviews are different for other people! Cons-: 1. clumpy on your lashes 2.It makes rings under your eyes :( 3. Smudges sometimes :(

That is it for today's Beauty Feedback and come back for more soon for the second part of this segment! I hope this helped and I will talk to you later glitteries bye! ☻♥☺∞ P.S Take the poll below to vote which is your favorite mascara from todays post! ☻♥☺

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