Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter: Mere's Monthly Must-Haves: March!/Easter Sunday Breakfast Ideas!

Hey there my glitteries! Happy Easter!! Today is Easter Sunday what better way to celebrate it is with Meredith Foster aka stilababe09! ☻ It would be better with Bethany aka macbarbie07 but she didnt upload a video recently today or yesterday! But I LOVE stilababe09 so she uploaded to videos recently and the first one is her March Favorites aka how she calls it: Mere's Monthly Must-Haves. The second video is also by Meredith but not stilababe09 it is vlogsbymeredith and the video is Easter Sunday Breakfast Ideas! I tried some of the ideas out for my self because my family is here and what better way to celebrate the last day of Spring Break 2013 and Easter! Anyways, I will also put up my march favorites tomorrow because I made it already its just that I have to edit it and make all purty! :p Also, instead of it being March Favorites I will put it has Angie's Monthly Favs! and then a semicolon and then the month and then the year. For example, tomorrow it will be: Angie's Monthly Favs: March 2013! yea so this is just a quick post and I hope all my glitteries have a wonderful Easter and had a wonderful Spring Break and I want to hear what you did for Easter AND Spring Break so comment below and I would love to hear all the fun stuff you did for these occasions! I love you all! Talk to you tomorrow! I Love You To The Moon And Back ~Bethany N. Mota ♥ (Note: Easter Sunday Breakfast Idea will be on top and Meredith's  March Favorites will be on the bottom! ☻)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easy Easter Gift Ideas for Friends & Family!

Hey there my glitteries! I love saying glitteries now! Anyways, hi guys! So today I am going to be showing you of course Bethany's new video and of course I love her!! So her new video is going to be about Easy Easter Gift Ideas for your friends or family and more!Today Bethany wil be doing another Easter video and guys I love her Easter videos of course! Easter is just around the corner and lots of people are having trouble on what to give to their family or friends. But don't worry Bethany aka macbarbie07 is her to help! This video will be just about making easy and simple gifts for Easter for anyone you want to give it to. This will be a lot more fun than buying an Easter gift because it is your own creativity on how you want to put iinsode your baskets and more! This is a very inexpensive gift ideas so it will be so much fun to make them and give it to anyone you love. In my opinion, I absoulutly love this video because I love how she gave great ideas for Easter gift ideas for whoever and I was having a bit trouble on what to get my family for Easter because we do lots of stuff for Easter! Anyways, In this video Bethany will show us three different Easter gift ideas and they are so cute and I would love to give them as presents! In this video the three gifts have names which are: 1.Goodie Basket! 2.Egg Messages 3.Bunny Cake Pops! And also you will need lots of supplies for these ideas so make sure to get whatever you need to make your cute easter gifts! My fav one has to be the Egg Messages because I think they are so cute and loveable! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and comment below which one is your favorite one and I will talk to you next time love you glitteries! I Love You To The Moon And Back ~Bethany Noel Mota <3 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Sunday Outfit Ideas + Quick Update!

Hey there glitteries! Right now I am in Florida and I am so sorry that I didnt get to show you a video of Miami Bust it's just that i have been really busy lately and I have gone on amazing journeys that I wish I shared you guys. I am sorry I haven't blogged in a while but I will do videos that I have already made and edited like, I <3 Spring Tag and Spring Break, Hair, Makeup and Outfit, and a clothing haul because I went shopping here in Miami, Florida! Speaking of Spring, It's officialy Spring Time! Which here in Florida is not Spring. Well it is but it is so hot here, like right now I am sweating while I 'm writing this. LOL. Oh yea I am going to Orlando tomorrow so It will be fun and I will take a video and post on my blog but tomorrow in the morning I will put my clothing haul and then I will put my orlando video and then next week I will put my I <3 Spring Tag on here. Anyways, well as you know Easter Sunday is coming up soon and I am so exited because we always do fun stuff on Easter Sunday and I know you guys will too so I decided to blog about Meredith Foster aka stilababe09, new video which is Easter Sunday outfit ideas! I love stilababe09 but of course you gotta love macbarbie07 better! Both of them are my inspirations but macbabrie07 is way better! I also saw stilababe09 on the April issue of Seventeen magazine (pg.55) and I want you too her in the magazine! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow my glitteries! Bye! Love You To The Moon And Back ~Bethany N. Mota

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Glitter Gossip/Miami Bust!: Packing For Miami!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day glitteries! Today I will do a quick post! It is my first youtube video!! But, you will not have to pay attention to this Youtube channel because for this Youtube channel I will only put videos for my blog. Next year I will do a real channel for Youtube and I will make my videos about fashion, beauty and more! Anyways, as you all know this week I am going to Miami this week for Spring Break and I decided to do a segment called Miami Bust! This will be what  I am packing like this video is me packing up and showing you what I packed up and more like tomorrow I will do my shopping experience and what I am going to buy for Miami (maybe). Anyways, this is just a quick post and if you can please subscribe to my Youtube channel even if it is really only for my blog but its okay! :) Love you guys and I hope you enjoy and come back for more Glitter Gossip/Miami Bust! Love you guys bye! :) Note: You may want to put your volume a little bit up to hear my voice because I don't have a loud voice lol! K love you guys! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Makeup & Outfit ideas! ∞♥

Hey there glitteries! Today is Saint Patrick's Day!!! So Happy Saint Patrick's Day!♣♣♣ I am sorry but today I will not be doing a C2SPD (Countdown To Saint Patrick's Day) because since Bethany uploading a new video, so of course I needed to blog about macbarbie07 aka Bethany's NEW video! Yes of course today's post will be about Bethany's new video!! Her video is about Easter Makeup and Outfit ideas! I really love this video because it gives you outfit ideas for Easter and I a going to a Easter party at my church and I haven't decided what to wear yet so when I saw this video I started to love Beth more and more! See this is why I love Beth because she helps you with your makeup, hair and outfit ideas for ANY occasion and more! Anyways, in this video she will be showing you four different outfits for Easter. I especially love the third outfit because its a girly type outfit and I think I am going to wear that for the Easter party and I don't have to wear the exactly the same thing she wears but I can make it into my own style but just with a little Bethany and a little bit of me in it and you can do that too! Merge it into your own outfit! Also, she will be showing you makeup ideas and I love her makeup ideas in this video because the colors she uses for this video tutorial is so cute for Easter and Spring it just brings like the pop of Easter and Spring colors on your face and that's what you trying to look for, you always wanna match your makeup into any occasion or the season your in. I maybe doing also this week a Airplane Outfit, Hair, Makeup and my carry on essentials for any trip because I am going to Miami this week in Wednesday and I am going to stay in touch with you guys of course because you guys are my besties and I can't leave you alone! I will do a segment called "Follow Me in Miami!" and that is just I will make videos of my adventures in Miami and I might do a Spring Outfit Ideas and hair makeup all of those stuff for Spring Break! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and the update and I will talk to you soon bye glitteries! ∞☻☺♥

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Lookbook: Black & White ∞ ♥

Hey there glitteries! Today is the start of my new segment Spring Lookbook by Stilababe09 and it might me some of my own OOTD and more. What a spring lookbook is just spring and how you look during the spring so it is really fun and I especially love this segment! This video will be by Stilababe09 aka Meredith and I love her but you guys know that I love macbarbie07 better! Her video is the Spring lookbook and starting with the black and white trend of spring and I really love this trend because I feel like black and white are such good combinations for clothing! It is super easy because if you own a pair of a white t-shirt and black shorts you can be trendy in five seconds! So in this video she will show you guys three of her favorite outfit for the spring trend, black and white and I seriously love her taste of style because it is so cute! Some of the stores she got her clothes from in this video is: Brandy Melville, Topshop, Forever 21, Nordstorm, Fashion Cube and much more! I love these stores and I especially love her! I hope you enjoy and I hope this helped! Love you guys and I will talk to you next time on my spring lookbook! Bye glitteries! ~Infinity and Beyond ∞∞∞∞  

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beauty Feedback/Beauty Blabber: Maybelline Mascara Reviews #1! ∞

Hey there glitteries! So, I have been noticing that I have done a lot of video posts so I decided to put that away for today and give you a Beauty Feedback but I know it is Fashion Feedback but you know I have to do something with Beauty too. Anyways, today's Beauty Feedback is a reviews on mascara's, not just any type of mascaras, Maybelline mascara's. And since there is so many Maybelline mascaras I am doing parts of this segment Let's get started!

The Rocket Volum' Express!

The next mascara I will be reviewing is the Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara! Pros+: 1.It is better than all the Maybelline Mascaras their are! 2.Zero Clumping! 3.Makes you look like you have false lashes 4. Lastly, it lasts all day! That is all is all the pros about the Rocket Volume Express, but trust me guys there is more because I have this mascara and it works awesome! Now onto the cons. Now the cons may not be true for some other people but I did a little bit of research and here is what I found abotu cons of the Rocket Volume Express Mascara. Cons-: 1. may cause clumping 2.form of mascara bottle hurts to hold it 3.little bit sticky. Thats all for the Maybelline Rocket Mascara! Now on to our next one! 

Mega Plush Volum' Express!

The next mascara I will be reviewing is the Maybelline Mega Plush Volum' Express! Lets get started maybe with the cons! Cons-: 1.Sometimes can be flaky with your eyes. 2. After washing your face twice it still doesn't come off so make sure to always wash and use makeup remover. 3. The brush is horrible! :( Now time for the pros and remember these pros and cons may be different for some people! Pros+: 1. it gives you a nice curvey feeling on your lashes. 2. It builds more volume without a lot of weight! 3. It doesn't come off so you can sleep with it and it doesn't come off! ☻ That's it for the Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara! Now time for the final one for today! 

One By One Volum' Express! 

The next and final mascara I will be reviewing for today is the ONE BY ONE Volum' Express Mascara! Lets start off with the pros first! Let's get started! Pros+: 1. it gets every lash 2. It looks like false lashes 3. not very expensive and worth it! ☻ Now let's start with the cons of this mascara and remember that sometimes these reviews are different for other people! Cons-: 1. clumpy on your lashes 2.It makes rings under your eyes :( 3. Smudges sometimes :(

That is it for today's Beauty Feedback and come back for more soon for the second part of this segment! I hope this helped and I will talk to you later glitteries bye! ☻♥☺∞ P.S Take the poll below to vote which is your favorite mascara from todays post! ☻♥☺

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

C2SPD #1: St.Patrick's Day Hair, Makeup, & Outfit Ideas!♣♣

Hey there glitteries! I am so sorry that I haven't uploaded my videos but I will soon I promise. It's just that for some odd reason it doesn't let me submit a video so yea I might need to make my own YouTube channel so I can show you the videos but maybe. Anyways, today's video is going to be my first St Patrick's Day Countdown and for the abbreviation it is C2SPD.  (Countdown To Saint Patrick Day!) So what this is it is going to be a countdown to saint Patrick's day of course and I am just going to do related stuff about. For example, today I am doing a video that Stilababe09 uploaded today and it is St. Patrick's Day Hair, Makeup and Outfit Ideas! I love Stilababe09 but you know you gotta love macbarbie better just saying. Not all my C2SPD (Countdown to Saint Patricks Day) will be videos but it will be DIY'S , Videos, and maybe I will do my own videos, and OOTD's and more! Anyways, the number of days left until St. Patrick's Day is..... 10 more days until St. Patrick's Day!!! I hope you enjoy and come back to my blog tomorrow for more Countdown To Saint Patrick's Day! I love you guys! Bye! ∞☻☺♣♥

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Outfit Inspiration! Dates, Beach day, etc!

Hey there glitteries! I am super exited for today's blog post because it is about BETHANY'S NEW VIDEO!! Her new video is about Spring Outfit Inspiration for lots of occasions like dates, beach dates and more! I really LOVE this video because this comes in handy for me and some other people because sometimes I really don't know what to where for spring because it is about to start so I am really glad that she made this video! Oh yea today's my sister's  birthday!! And I am kinda jelly of her because it is during the spring month and mine is like the beginning of school month. Anyways, I am going to tell you what kind of outfit's she includes in her video. 1. Casual Day 2. Keepin Cool With Friends 3. Pretty "Printsess" 4. Casual/Cool and thats all. So there are four outfit inspirations for you! As you can see this is her first video in her series "Blooming" I think its called. LOL And if you dont have the kind of clothes that Bethany has just make it yourself, show a little bit off you in your outfits! I hope you enjoy this post! And I will talk to you soon! Bye glitteries! :) 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bethany's Spring Beauty Haul! ♥

Hey there glitteries! Today is another super special post because it is going to be about Bethany's new video!! Her new video is about her spring haul! And yes it is March 2nd! It went really fast! Since spring is almost here, I am going to start blogging about Spring fashion ir any hauls from my favorite Youtube channels especially Bethany aka macbarbie07! Anyways, before I start I have some news for you I am going to start my own channel but not on youtube on my blog here! If you follow me on instagram you might see or I will post that I posted a new video on my instagram and if you dont have my instagram I will put it on the bottom. I am probably going to start tomorrow with my videos and my videos are mostly going to be about DIY's or Hauls, favorites, tutorials and more! Another thing that I forgot to mention is I will be doing a countdown to Spring and its not going to be like a countdown that I put on my blog but its going to be special, I am going to take out my snow that I have on my blog that is falling and that will mean it is going to Spring so watch out for the snow to stop! Anyways, I hope you like this post and I hope you come to my blog for more Bethany videos and more! Love you glitteries and I will see you next time :)

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