Saturday, February 16, 2013

Glitter Gossip: Valentine's Day Party!!!

Hey there glitteries! I have been noticing that I haven't done a Glitter Gossip in a long time! So I decided to make one right now because about an hour ago I just came back from a Valentine's Day Party at my friend Christine's house and it was super fun! It was with my friend Christine, Lydia, Arianna, Nicole, Shannon and of course me! We did lots of activities like: tie dying shirts, we made our own frames, did our nails, and our very own snowball fight! My friend that was at the party, Arianna, made a video of us snowball fighting. We had to throw snowballs at my three friends who were at the top of the play set and throw snowballs at them it was super fun! Here are pictures of the party! Check them out:
   Me acting weird on the swing! LOL! :p 

Like I said we also ty died our shirts! Here is a pic of mine!: 

Here is a link to the video that my friend Arianna posted on youtube! Subsrcibe to her and watch! Thanks glitteries talk to you soon! :) 

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  1. cool but how mr poole said dont make the post about you because people dont have interest in you they have interest in other things like tutorials and other things so yea