Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fashion Feedback: Fashion Websites!

Hey there glitteries! Today's blog post is going to be about a new segment called fashion feedback and what that is, is that like I give you Fashion Feedback about anything fashion related but that can help you. Before I start, I need to tell you that some segments will be ending like maybe I will see next month I will start again Double Take because I have not done one since I think November or December and I have been caught up in the other segments like OOTD, Beauty Blabber, Glitter Gossip, Forever 21 Theme Of The Week and more but for right now I am not doing jumbled up. Also, I know that I haven't been doing C2VD (Countdown To Valentine's Day) but I promise tomorrow I will do one. Anyways, today's fashion feedback is: Fashion Websites. But some people are probably thinking like oh like is a fashion website but, not those kinda fashion websites something more than that. They are more like websites that people give you feedback on different clothing items and much more like accessories, shoes, bags and much more. Let's Begin! 


The first website will have to be and I will put all fashion website links in the bottom. is a 
catalog products produced by people, you can buy almost everything you see on wanelo, and everything is posted by members. You will have to sign up to get a Wanelo so please ask parents permission first before entering on Wanelo. The second website is the one and only Polyvore. Polyvore doesn't only do fashion collages but it also has fashion selections just like Wanelo. That is why I like to do a lot of my Polyvore collages and creations for my blog. Polyvore does also include to register for it so ask parents permission before entering. That is pretty much all I know but I promise when I get a new fashion website I will tell you ASAP! Thank you glitteries! I love you! Bye!

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