Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Heart Shorts + Valentine's Day Essentials! ♥

Hey there glitteries!!! Right now is the second post I am doing today and I am going to this post right now because it is about to snow and my friend is going to text me to go sledding so I am super exited for Blizzard Nemo!!! Haha Just keep swimming! Anyways, his blog post is going to be about Macbarbie07 aka Bethany and she made a new video like ten minutes ago so don't think I am a stalker because like I LOVE Macbarbie so I know when she uploads a video. So her video is about DIY Heart Shorts and her Valentine's Day Essentials that I really have in common with her because I love the things she has and she is my big inspiration and my biggest role model ever not me but to everyone that watches her videos! Anyways I hope you enjoy and I love you guysss to the moon and back! :* BTW go to she is a macbarbie lover too and a glitter lover like me so thats why I love her shes my bestie! Bye glitteries! MWAH! :* 

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