Saturday, February 2, 2013

C2VD #1: Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial! ♥

Hey there my glitteries! Today we are going to start a new segment call Countdown To Valentine's Day! (C2VD for short) What this is, is that everyday I will post a blog post about any Valentine's Day topic like today I am doing Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial That Blair aka juicystar07 will show us. But, it's not only a blog post about Valentine's day it's also, that you and me are going to countdown how many more days until Valentine's Day. I might do this for every holiday. Anyways, to start off there is....... 12 more days until Valentine's Day!!!! :)And I know that I did a macbarbie07 video about outfit ideas and makeup but I will put that in the bottom as part of this post and C2VD (Countdown To Valentine's Day)  So let's get started with today's topic. Today's topic is Blair showing you a easy Valentine's day and of course like I named macbarbie's video. First, what Blair will show us is a easy makeup tutorial for Valentine's day it is a cute, light, simple tutorial so I hope you really like it! Next, for some of that didn't see my Valentine's Day blog post about macbarbie07 aka Bethany is a Valentine's Day Hair, Makeup and Outfit inspirations and I will show you that as well. I really hope you enjoy this first blog post about C2VD. (Countdown To Valentine's Day!) Make sure to come back tomorrow for C2VD #2! But, don't worry I will blog about something else meanwhile not about C2VD and look back at my blog because I posted another Be My Valentine outfit! I love you my glitteries and my Valentine's! Bye! :) 

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