Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY Personalize Your Sneakers/Shoes!!!

Hey there glitteries! So as you glitteries probably know I have a tiny itzy bitsy tiny obsession with DIY's. Well I am! I don't why but I just like them because they are like your own style and you personalize anyway you want! Anyways today I will show you two videos today with two girls I recently subscribed on Youtube. They are StilaBabe09 and Beautygurugirl10. But you guys know that I love Bethany aka macbarbie07 better of course! Anyways, the first video will be DIY: Studded Sneakers feat. vans and converse! If you dont have any converse or vans thats okay you can do them in any sneaker you want! As long if its some kinda sneaker that you dont really wear and you just want to personalize it to make it look cuter for you to actually wear. Then, the next video will be by Beautygurugirl10, and its going to be DIY Galaxy shoes!!! I totally want galaxy shoes and I have no idea where to buy them but now I know how to MAKE them!! Anways, I hope you have a fun time personalzing your own sneakers/shoes! Thanks glitteries and I will talk to you later! Bye! 

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