Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Airplane/Traveling Hair, Makeup,Outfit! +My Carry on essentials

Hey there glitteries! Today is a extra special blog post because it is about Bethany's most recent video! It is Airplane/Traveling Hair, Makeup,Outfit+ Bethany's aka macbarbie07 carry on essentials! I think this a really helpful video because next month I am going to Miami, Florida for spring break and this video really helped me because she showed me whats apropriate to go traveling and on a airplane. Also, if you are traveling somewhere this video will come in handy for you glitteries! Also, this video shows Bethany's aka macbarbie07's carry on essentials for traveling or going on the airplane and this will also come in handy if you are going somewhere and you are having trouble thinking of what to bring in your carry on bag to bring on the plane. I was having trouble with what to carry on in my carry on bag to bring in the airplane and after I watched this video this really helped me and I hope it helps you too. She also shows you hair, makeup and outfit and this will also help you because the outfit is something to wear comfortable for the airplane and this really helped me because I have no idea what to wear for the airplane!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and post and I hope this really helps you glitteries! Thank you glitteries! Bye!     

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