Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Airplane/Traveling Hair, Makeup,Outfit! +My Carry on essentials

Hey there glitteries! Today is a extra special blog post because it is about Bethany's most recent video! It is Airplane/Traveling Hair, Makeup,Outfit+ Bethany's aka macbarbie07 carry on essentials! I think this a really helpful video because next month I am going to Miami, Florida for spring break and this video really helped me because she showed me whats apropriate to go traveling and on a airplane. Also, if you are traveling somewhere this video will come in handy for you glitteries! Also, this video shows Bethany's aka macbarbie07's carry on essentials for traveling or going on the airplane and this will also come in handy if you are going somewhere and you are having trouble thinking of what to bring in your carry on bag to bring on the plane. I was having trouble with what to carry on in my carry on bag to bring in the airplane and after I watched this video this really helped me and I hope it helps you too. She also shows you hair, makeup and outfit and this will also help you because the outfit is something to wear comfortable for the airplane and this really helped me because I have no idea what to wear for the airplane!! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video and post and I hope this really helps you glitteries! Thank you glitteries! Bye!     

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY Personalize Your Sneakers/Shoes!!!

Hey there glitteries! So as you glitteries probably know I have a tiny itzy bitsy tiny obsession with DIY's. Well I am! I don't why but I just like them because they are like your own style and you personalize anyway you want! Anyways today I will show you two videos today with two girls I recently subscribed on Youtube. They are StilaBabe09 and Beautygurugirl10. But you guys know that I love Bethany aka macbarbie07 better of course! Anyways, the first video will be DIY: Studded Sneakers feat. vans and converse! If you dont have any converse or vans thats okay you can do them in any sneaker you want! As long if its some kinda sneaker that you dont really wear and you just want to personalize it to make it look cuter for you to actually wear. Then, the next video will be by Beautygurugirl10, and its going to be DIY Galaxy shoes!!! I totally want galaxy shoes and I have no idea where to buy them but now I know how to MAKE them!! Anways, I hope you have a fun time personalzing your own sneakers/shoes! Thanks glitteries and I will talk to you later! Bye! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Room Decorations using water bottles & soda cans!

Hey there glitteries! Today of course im going to blog about macbarbie's new video!!!! Its about DIY Room Decorations using water bottles and soda cans! This a very easy and super fun activity that everyone can do and its also showing people and all of you glitteries how to recycle and make it into a super cute way to decorate your room! She shows you a arizona ice tea camera and then a flower vase and a chandilir (i think thats how you spell it lol) I also tried it myself right now! Because I also have an obsession with Arizona Ice Tea cans! I drink it every morning. Leave a comment below and tell me what flavor do you like best of the arizona ice teas. Mine will have to be the green tea or just the regular ice tea. Check it out! And i know it may seemed that I got it off the internet but I actually posted it on instagram to make it cool and edited to make it look cute! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post and have fun recycling your arizona ice tea cans and I will talk to yuo next time! Bye glitteries! (Note: Please do not think that I copied my friend, Nidhi's blog, because I wanted to blog about it first so I guess she just blogged about it but its okay! :) ) And  visit her blog!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Glitter Gossip: Valentine's Day Party!!!

Hey there glitteries! I have been noticing that I haven't done a Glitter Gossip in a long time! So I decided to make one right now because about an hour ago I just came back from a Valentine's Day Party at my friend Christine's house and it was super fun! It was with my friend Christine, Lydia, Arianna, Nicole, Shannon and of course me! We did lots of activities like: tie dying shirts, we made our own frames, did our nails, and our very own snowball fight! My friend that was at the party, Arianna, made a video of us snowball fighting. We had to throw snowballs at my three friends who were at the top of the play set and throw snowballs at them it was super fun! Here are pictures of the party! Check them out:
   Me acting weird on the swing! LOL! :p 

Like I said we also ty died our shirts! Here is a pic of mine!: 

Here is a link to the video that my friend Arianna posted on youtube! Subsrcibe to her and watch! Thanks glitteries talk to you soon! :) 

Getting Glamified: DIY Necklace Frame ♥

Hey there glitteries! I am so sorry that I did not post a C2VD!(Countdown To Valentine's Day) The reason I did not blog is because I was sick that day and then the next day I was even more sick when I woke up. Anyways, to make it up to you, this blog post will be about a DIY Necklace Frame! I have lots of necklaces and I have no idea where to put them so of course I went to youtube to see if anyone can help me and Elle Fowler aka allthatglitters21 has a video of a DIY Necklace Frame and I might do it after this but if you are in a situation that I am this can really help you! This is a short blog post so thanks glitteries and I will talk to you later! -Angela 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

C2VD # 6: Red & White Glow! ♥

C2VD # 6: Red & White Glow! ♥
TOMORROW IS VALENTINE'S DAY!! Make sure to come back tomorrow for the extra super duper extra special post for Valentine's Day! "Love You To The Moon And Back!" ~Bethany Mota.

Super skinny jeans

Blink high heel
$82 -

Lulu Guinness gold handbag

Flower hair accessory

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

C2VD #5: Glittery Party Nails! ♥

Hey there glitteries! Sorry I have not done a C2VD (countdown to Valentine's Day) in a while but I promise I will do one today and tomorrow!  There are..... 2 MORE DAYS UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Anyways, today's post is a quick post about glittery party nails that Bethany aka macbarbie07 (love her!!!) will shows us. In her video this as about two years ago and it is for New Years but I couldn't find any more stuff to blog about for C2VD so I just decided to go with these glittery party nails if you going out for a party on Valentine's Day or just wanna do them for fun. Of course there are three reasons why I picked them! 

  1. It's by Bethany aka macbarbie07 (love her again! :P)
  2. They are super cute and easy to make
Of course I needed to add something with glitter, of course because all of you glitteries know I love glitter! Thats why I love you! Hahaha! Anyways, I hope you enjoy and I will talk to you later! Bye glitteries! Remember to always love glitter and love macbabrie07! Love you to the moon and back! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fashion Feedback: Fashion Websites!

Hey there glitteries! Today's blog post is going to be about a new segment called fashion feedback and what that is, is that like I give you Fashion Feedback about anything fashion related but that can help you. Before I start, I need to tell you that some segments will be ending like maybe I will see next month I will start again Double Take because I have not done one since I think November or December and I have been caught up in the other segments like OOTD, Beauty Blabber, Glitter Gossip, Forever 21 Theme Of The Week and more but for right now I am not doing jumbled up. Also, I know that I haven't been doing C2VD (Countdown To Valentine's Day) but I promise tomorrow I will do one. Anyways, today's fashion feedback is: Fashion Websites. But some people are probably thinking like oh like is a fashion website but, not those kinda fashion websites something more than that. They are more like websites that people give you feedback on different clothing items and much more like accessories, shoes, bags and much more. Let's Begin! 


The first website will have to be and I will put all fashion website links in the bottom. is a 
catalog products produced by people, you can buy almost everything you see on wanelo, and everything is posted by members. You will have to sign up to get a Wanelo so please ask parents permission first before entering on Wanelo. The second website is the one and only Polyvore. Polyvore doesn't only do fashion collages but it also has fashion selections just like Wanelo. That is why I like to do a lot of my Polyvore collages and creations for my blog. Polyvore does also include to register for it so ask parents permission before entering. That is pretty much all I know but I promise when I get a new fashion website I will tell you ASAP! Thank you glitteries! I love you! Bye!

Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Heart Shorts + Valentine's Day Essentials! ♥

Hey there glitteries!!! Right now is the second post I am doing today and I am going to this post right now because it is about to snow and my friend is going to text me to go sledding so I am super exited for Blizzard Nemo!!! Haha Just keep swimming! Anyways, his blog post is going to be about Macbarbie07 aka Bethany and she made a new video like ten minutes ago so don't think I am a stalker because like I LOVE Macbarbie so I know when she uploads a video. So her video is about DIY Heart Shorts and her Valentine's Day Essentials that I really have in common with her because I love the things she has and she is my big inspiration and my biggest role model ever not me but to everyone that watches her videos! Anyways I hope you enjoy and I love you guysss to the moon and back! :* BTW go to she is a macbarbie lover too and a glitter lover like me so thats why I love her shes my bestie! Bye glitteries! MWAH! :* 

C2VD #4/Baking With Angela! : Pope's Valentine Cookies! ♥

Pope's Valentine Cookies RecipeHey there glitteries! Today I am at school and I am so exited and happy for the blizzard that is near Jersey right now because I have an early dismissal at school! Anyways, if you guys didn't know, the cool part about this blizzard is that it is called Blizzard Nemo! Hahaha that is just funny! THERE ARE 6 MORE DAYS UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY!!! :) :p Anyways, today I am doing a new C2VD (Countdown To Christmas) and at the same time Baking With Angela because I have noticed I haven't done a Baking With Angela in a long time so I decided to do it this very special Valentine's Day Countdown. Today we are going to bake.... Pope's Valentine Cookies they are super yummy and I am love with them! You can make these for your class or just a desert for a Valentine's Day party your having or if your just at home on Valentine's Day and just make this special treat for yourself or anyone you want to for him for her it doesn't matter! So I hope you enjoy this special Valentine's Day treat and I will talk to you later! ♥ 

(makes for 2 dozen cookies)

  • 1/2 pound butter, softened
  • 2  1/2 cups sifted all purpose flour 
  • 1 cup of sifted confectioners sugar
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (170 degrees C).
  2. Mix butter in a mixer until light, add remaining ingredients.
  3. Knead until velvety. Roll one-half of the dough at a time to about 1/4 inch thickness using the smallest amount of flour possible.
  4. Cut out and bake on a lightly greased pan for 12 minutes. Cookies will be almost white when cooked.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

C2VD # 3: Valentine Kisses Nails! ♥

Hey there glitteries! Sorry that I haven't posted in a long time it is because I have been caught up in school and dance and a lot more! Anyways, today I am going to do a new C2VD! (Countdown To Valentine's Day!) I hope that I can do it everyday but I will try! Anyways, there are __ more days to Valentine's Day! Can you guess what it is? ............. ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL VALENTINE'S DAY! I don't have a valentine but you guys are my valentine's if you want me to be yours! Hahaha! OKya today is a video post and were gonna do Valentine Kisses Nails! By the one and only..... Cutepolish! If you do not know who cutepolish is, she is a youtuber that has a channel with different nail designs and I really like her work and I hope one day I can do it like her if I keep practicing! Anyways, the design for this nail is going to be a cute little Valentine's Day kisses like it looks like if someone kissed your nail like really haha! What you will need for this cutepolish nail design is: Base Coat, light pink nail polish, dotting tool, red nail polish, little bit darker nail polish, sriper brush (i think thats how you call it :p), top coat and that's all! I hope you enjoy this video and this post and I will talk you glitteries later! Bye! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

C2VD #1: Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial! ♥

Hey there my glitteries! Today we are going to start a new segment call Countdown To Valentine's Day! (C2VD for short) What this is, is that everyday I will post a blog post about any Valentine's Day topic like today I am doing Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial That Blair aka juicystar07 will show us. But, it's not only a blog post about Valentine's day it's also, that you and me are going to countdown how many more days until Valentine's Day. I might do this for every holiday. Anyways, to start off there is....... 12 more days until Valentine's Day!!!! :)And I know that I did a macbarbie07 video about outfit ideas and makeup but I will put that in the bottom as part of this post and C2VD (Countdown To Valentine's Day)  So let's get started with today's topic. Today's topic is Blair showing you a easy Valentine's day and of course like I named macbarbie's video. First, what Blair will show us is a easy makeup tutorial for Valentine's day it is a cute, light, simple tutorial so I hope you really like it! Next, for some of that didn't see my Valentine's Day blog post about macbarbie07 aka Bethany is a Valentine's Day Hair, Makeup and Outfit inspirations and I will show you that as well. I really hope you enjoy this first blog post about C2VD. (Countdown To Valentine's Day!) Make sure to come back tomorrow for C2VD #2! But, don't worry I will blog about something else meanwhile not about C2VD and look back at my blog because I posted another Be My Valentine outfit! I love you my glitteries and my Valentine's! Bye! :) 

OOTD: Be My Valentine Outfit #2