Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Glitter Gossip: Best Of 2012! :)

Glitter Gossip: Best Of 2012! :)
Hey there beauties! Happy New year to all my beauties! Every year all of you get just more beautiful. Okay so today's post will be about My Best of 2012! So what it is, is that I tell you what are the best things of 2012 that I like or have. So let's get started! :D Okay, so first I like my clean and clear morning burst to be my best of 2012 face cream because it really gives you a boost in the morning and it gets rid of acne. Next, my favorite drink of 2012 will have to be my hot chocolate from starbucks and I even like drinking during the summer. :p Next, my favorite mascara for 2012 will have to be the maybelline New York falsies mascara and it works really good so I would recommend you that. Next, my favorite accessory for 2012 will have to be beanies because they are just so warm! Next, my favorite book for 2012 will have to be The Hunger Games and to say my friend really got me into this and she also has a blog so I will but her link in the bottom below. Next, my favorite perfume or body mist will have to the Viva La Juicy Juicy Couture perfume and it smells so good you guys! Next, my favorite lip stick or lip balm will have to eos because it smooths you lips so much and I have the flavor sweet mint I hope its called and its really good. Next, my favorite top for 2012 will have to be my Mickey Mouse sweater form Forever 21 and it's super cute! Next, my favorite movie is Pitch Perfect!! It's so funny and I especially love Fat Amy she is so funny! If you guys ever seen Pitch Perfect tell me how good it is in the comments below! Lastly, my favorite shoes for 2012 will have to be my combat boots from forever 21 and there super cute. I also did not include this in the picture, my favorite song for 2012 will have to be Die Young by Ke$ha it's super fun and catchy. So that's about ti for this Best of 2012 I hope you guys enjoyed but promise you guys I have a lot more for Best of 2012 but I don't think I can name them all. :p Bye beauties! 
My Friend's,Olivia,blog! (that recommended me reading The Hunger Games :p) :

Forever 21 graphic shirt

Steve Madden low heels

River Island knit beanie hat
$4.85 -

$24 -

Juicy couture

$16 -

Face cleanser

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