Friday, January 25, 2013

GIY Cute Printed Tights! ♥

Hey there glitteries! Today's blog post is going to be GIY Cute Printed Tights! Well to be honest I really don't know what GIY means I only know DIY which means do it yourself but if you know please tell me because I'm just starting to get confused! LOL :) Anyways, today I am not going to use Beth this time in my videos but I did get a recommendation from one of friends to watch missglamorazzi and it turns out she is pretty cool! So this video is about GIY Cute Printed Tights  and I know that I usually perfer macbarbie07 but I know I love her better! Anyways, the things you will need for this GIY is: some plain pair of tights, but make sure they are old and if you don't have any I recommend you buying it at a thrift store, I also recommend if you are buying it at a thrift store it would be Platoes Closet or any thrift sore near you. You will also need, fabric paint, paint brushes, craft punch which you can by at Micheals or Target, index cards, and scissors. Wash care: machine wash inside out on a gentle cycle or hand wash. If you use thinner/sheer tights, I'd recommend sticking some index cards in the legs so the paint doesn't bleed through. If your tights are knit/more dense, then you'll be fine without them! Just test a small area first if you want to be extra careful. I hope you enjoy and I hope you try this like I am about to  because I always wanted to have heart printed tights or leggings but they are just to expensive :) Bye glitteries!  
Hope you enjoy! ☻

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