Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy ways to spice up your room! + DIY Decorations

Hey there beauties! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I have been caught up in school and dance and lots more. Anyways, today's post is about easy ways to spice up your room and DIY decorations. And what better way to do it with Bethany aka macbarbie07! As you can see Bethany has been a real inspiration to me ever since I started watching her videos she has been a really inspiration to me and if you guys watch macbarbie then you would no how I feel. OK, so Bethany will show you how to spice up your and she will show you some DIY projects that I tried for myself and to say you guys, its really pretty in my room and this inspiration is a true inspiration. Some of the things she will show you like organizers, you can get at Target from the dollor section and they are really inexpensive. She also adds a heart shped photo collage that I want to do so badly because I have an instagram and I can print out some pictures of my own but since I share a room with my sister that is obviously not going to happen but I am getting my own room this year since my sister is going away for collage and I will have my own to share these inspirations with friends and family. If you guys have a sister or a brother and you share the room with honestly guys you are brave sharing rooms with sibling like me its just a wreck for me. So, I hope you enjoy this awesome ways to spice up your room and some DIY decorations that Bethany aka macbarbie07 will show! I hope you enjoy and by beauties! :* 


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