Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Hair Bows! + How Bethany wears her bows! :)

Hey there beauties! Do you love bows but can't afford to by them? I am here to help because I am in the same situation you are in. This DIY project is how to make hair bows but not just any hair bows. Pattern hair bows. In this video there would be plaid, cheetah, striped, and much more. But guess you will be showing you how to do this? BETHANY!! Aka macbarbie07. I think she is really creative so this is why I like showing videos of her to you guys. Okay, so what you will need for this How to is patterned fabric, hot glue gun and scissors. Obviously, be very careful with the hot glue gun because it can burn you. Also, another thing that that Bethany aka macbarbie07 will show you is how she wears her hair bows and but she is not just showing you like , "Oh! here's is how I wear my bows. The end." not like she actually gives ideas on how to wear your bows because there are probably some ways that you can't wear your bows or some ways that you didn't know it even existed! :p She will also include outfit ideas with the bow patterns she is making and its so inspirational. So I really hope you enjoy this how to and DIY project! Remember to always get inspired and believe! :) Love you guys! Bye! 

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