Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Carrie Diaries Inspired Outfits + DIY Carrie purse! ♥

Hey there glitteries! So today is a extra special blog post because guess what? Beth made a new video! You guessed it right! Of course I had to blog about it because I want to show you guys who didn't hear about macbarbie07 and to watch it. And so far I had made kinda all my blog posts about Macbarbie07 because she is a big inspiration to me and not just to me lots of people. Anyways, her new video is about The Carrie Diaries Inspired Outfits + DIY Carrie purse. If you don't know what the Carrie Diaries well, The Carrie Diaries is an American teen drama television series on The CW. It's based on the 80's. Iv'e never seen it before but I am hoping to soon. In the video Beth aka Bethany and macbarbie07 shows really good outfit inspirations that Carrie wears in The Carrie Diaries and as Carrie also has a purse that she has that is a memory of her mother so Beth shows you that also.  So I hope you guys enjoy and get inspired! Bye glitteries! I lubb you! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

GIY Cute Printed Tights! ♥

Hey there glitteries! Today's blog post is going to be GIY Cute Printed Tights! Well to be honest I really don't know what GIY means I only know DIY which means do it yourself but if you know please tell me because I'm just starting to get confused! LOL :) Anyways, today I am not going to use Beth this time in my videos but I did get a recommendation from one of friends to watch missglamorazzi and it turns out she is pretty cool! So this video is about GIY Cute Printed Tights  and I know that I usually perfer macbarbie07 but I know I love her better! Anyways, the things you will need for this GIY is: some plain pair of tights, but make sure they are old and if you don't have any I recommend you buying it at a thrift store, I also recommend if you are buying it at a thrift store it would be Platoes Closet or any thrift sore near you. You will also need, fabric paint, paint brushes, craft punch which you can by at Micheals or Target, index cards, and scissors. Wash care: machine wash inside out on a gentle cycle or hand wash. If you use thinner/sheer tights, I'd recommend sticking some index cards in the legs so the paint doesn't bleed through. If your tights are knit/more dense, then you'll be fine without them! Just test a small area first if you want to be extra careful. I hope you enjoy and I hope you try this like I am about to  because I always wanted to have heart printed tights or leggings but they are just to expensive :) Bye glitteries!  
Hope you enjoy! ☻

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Hair, Makeup & Outfit ideas! + Easy V-day treat!

Hey there glitteries/valentines! Today's blog post is very extra special because this is the start Bethany's aka macbarbie07's first episode of her Valentines series!!!! I am so exited because she is a really big inspiration and I love her! What she is doing in her first Valentine series for Valentine's day is hair, makeup,outfit ideas, and a easy treat you can make for Valentine's day and if your a kid who goes to school you can bring this easy treat you can make with a parent or a guardian and bring in for a class and for sure they will love it! And I hope I can make it for my classes. She will also put in the video outfit inspirations and she actually adds topics on to the outfits one is if you just want to go out with your friends or go shopping. Another one is for a Valentine's day dinner and I am going to wear that because usually my parents go out for dinner alone because they are a couple but this year they decided to spend it with me and my sister to make it special as a family. The last outfit is if you just want to stay home and chill on Valentine's day and watch romantic movies or whatnot. Before I go, I just want to make sure if your under the age of like at least 10 or under, make sure to make the easy treat with an adult or guardian because this Valentine's day treat does involve the oven so be extra careful and make sure not to burn yourself and this is coming from a girl who has been through that before! But if your parents do let you use the oven under the age of ten just please be careful because my parents don't even let me use the oven and I 'm 11. I really hope you enjoy this Valentine's Day hair, makeup and outfit ideas and including this special Valentine's day treat! I will post polyvore outfit's fro Valentine's Day as well. Bye my valentines/glitteries! :p 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Beauty Blabber: Winter Makeup Routine! ♥

Hey there glitteries! Do you ever have trouble on your makeup for the winter? Well no problem because Bethany aka macbarbie07 is here to help! Today's blog post is about a winter makeup routine and this will help you because it's a cute winter makeup routine that you can obviously do it during the winter. Of course this post is a beauty blabber so it will show you about beauty. Products you will use for this video is: Revlon color stay foundation, Neutrogena pressed powder, Anatasia brow powder, chella defining eyebrow gel, Urban Decay Primer potion, Benefit-They're Real Mascara, bareMinerals-Marvelous MoxieStarlet-eyeliner, Soft lips peppermint candy cane lip balm, Revlon cream blush berry flirtatious, Nailtini-nail lacquer, Nailtini-nail lacquer, theBalm-mini matte eyeshadow. And, dont worry if you dont have all these products that Bethany aka macbarbie07 is using because you can watch the idea and maybe touch it up with your own makeup or color. So sit back and relax and get inspired my glitteries! I hope you enjoy! Bye glitterires!  

Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Hair Bows! + How Bethany wears her bows! :)

Hey there beauties! Do you love bows but can't afford to by them? I am here to help because I am in the same situation you are in. This DIY project is how to make hair bows but not just any hair bows. Pattern hair bows. In this video there would be plaid, cheetah, striped, and much more. But guess you will be showing you how to do this? BETHANY!! Aka macbarbie07. I think she is really creative so this is why I like showing videos of her to you guys. Okay, so what you will need for this How to is patterned fabric, hot glue gun and scissors. Obviously, be very careful with the hot glue gun because it can burn you. Also, another thing that that Bethany aka macbarbie07 will show you is how she wears her hair bows and but she is not just showing you like , "Oh! here's is how I wear my bows. The end." not like she actually gives ideas on how to wear your bows because there are probably some ways that you can't wear your bows or some ways that you didn't know it even existed! :p She will also include outfit ideas with the bow patterns she is making and its so inspirational. So I really hope you enjoy this how to and DIY project! Remember to always get inspired and believe! :) Love you guys! Bye! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy ways to spice up your room! + DIY Decorations

Hey there beauties! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I have been caught up in school and dance and lots more. Anyways, today's post is about easy ways to spice up your room and DIY decorations. And what better way to do it with Bethany aka macbarbie07! As you can see Bethany has been a real inspiration to me ever since I started watching her videos she has been a really inspiration to me and if you guys watch macbarbie then you would no how I feel. OK, so Bethany will show you how to spice up your and she will show you some DIY projects that I tried for myself and to say you guys, its really pretty in my room and this inspiration is a true inspiration. Some of the things she will show you like organizers, you can get at Target from the dollor section and they are really inexpensive. She also adds a heart shped photo collage that I want to do so badly because I have an instagram and I can print out some pictures of my own but since I share a room with my sister that is obviously not going to happen but I am getting my own room this year since my sister is going away for collage and I will have my own to share these inspirations with friends and family. If you guys have a sister or a brother and you share the room with honestly guys you are brave sharing rooms with sibling like me its just a wreck for me. So, I hope you enjoy this awesome ways to spice up your room and some DIY decorations that Bethany aka macbarbie07 will show! I hope you enjoy and by beauties! :* 


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Start The New Year With Fabulous Nails! :)

Hey there beauties! Happy New Year again! I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year with friends and family. So, to start of this New Year I am doing a new post about nails! But it is not just any nails it's Water Spotted Nails! :) Now, as all of you beauties know, is that my favorite nail artist is cutepolish and make sure to subscribe her because she has really cool designs for you and they are super easy. Make sure to have all supplies needed for this cute nail art. Supplies you will need: White base coat, neon nail polish (pink, green, yellow, orange), tape, disposable cup with water, disposable cup filled with water, black nail polish, spray bottle of hand sanitizer, toothpick, nail polish remover, cotton swab, fast drying top coat. That is all you need for this beautiful nail art design. I know that there is a lot of supplies and you are probably getting nervous but don't worry just follow her steps and it will be easy. Make sure to subscribe cutepolish for more cute nail designs! I hope you enjoy! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Celebrity Look: Selena Gomez!

Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) Makeup Tutorial!

Hey there my fellow beauties! Since 2013 is starting i'm going to celebrate by doing a Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale) makeup tutorial. For some of you who don't know who Lucy Hale and/or Aria Montgomery is, she is a Pretty Little Liars actor from abc family and Lucy Hale plays Aria Montgomery in the show. Which is my favorite show! Your probably asking why did I do a Aria Montgomery Makeup Tutorial is because, next Tuesday is the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars and I am super exited because it's a New Year and a new season of abc family's, Pretty Little Liars! So, Blair aka juicystar07 or otherjuicy07 is going to show you a makeup tutorial of her. And if you want a hair style I really prefer you doing a big curly waves, just like the one in the picture up top. I recommend you that hairstyle because she usually wears that type of hairstyle in the show. Make sure to have everything you need makeup, eyeshadow, blush etc. If you don't have anything that Blair has it's okay just get inspired and you might come up with a few ideas of your own with your makeup and touch it up a bit. Enjoy Beauties! :D

Watch Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday's 8:00 p.m on abc family! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Glitter Gossip: Best Of 2012! :)

Glitter Gossip: Best Of 2012! :)
Hey there beauties! Happy New year to all my beauties! Every year all of you get just more beautiful. Okay so today's post will be about My Best of 2012! So what it is, is that I tell you what are the best things of 2012 that I like or have. So let's get started! :D Okay, so first I like my clean and clear morning burst to be my best of 2012 face cream because it really gives you a boost in the morning and it gets rid of acne. Next, my favorite drink of 2012 will have to be my hot chocolate from starbucks and I even like drinking during the summer. :p Next, my favorite mascara for 2012 will have to be the maybelline New York falsies mascara and it works really good so I would recommend you that. Next, my favorite accessory for 2012 will have to be beanies because they are just so warm! Next, my favorite book for 2012 will have to be The Hunger Games and to say my friend really got me into this and she also has a blog so I will but her link in the bottom below. Next, my favorite perfume or body mist will have to the Viva La Juicy Juicy Couture perfume and it smells so good you guys! Next, my favorite lip stick or lip balm will have to eos because it smooths you lips so much and I have the flavor sweet mint I hope its called and its really good. Next, my favorite top for 2012 will have to be my Mickey Mouse sweater form Forever 21 and it's super cute! Next, my favorite movie is Pitch Perfect!! It's so funny and I especially love Fat Amy she is so funny! If you guys ever seen Pitch Perfect tell me how good it is in the comments below! Lastly, my favorite shoes for 2012 will have to be my combat boots from forever 21 and there super cute. I also did not include this in the picture, my favorite song for 2012 will have to be Die Young by Ke$ha it's super fun and catchy. So that's about ti for this Best of 2012 I hope you guys enjoyed but promise you guys I have a lot more for Best of 2012 but I don't think I can name them all. :p Bye beauties! 
My Friend's,Olivia,blog! (that recommended me reading The Hunger Games :p) :

Forever 21 graphic shirt

Steve Madden low heels

River Island knit beanie hat
$4.85 -

$24 -

Juicy couture

$16 -

Face cleanser