Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Zendaya & Bella Thorne's Fashion In & Out Of The Show!

Hey there beauties! So today we will be talking about my two favorite celebrity  fashion. Now those girls are.... Zendaya and Bella Thorne! Who star on Disney Channel's "Shake It Up!" Now as you ca see in the photo they both love fashion, but... they both have a different sense of style. And we will be talking about that today. So let's get started! Now as you can see in this  hoto, Zendaya and Bella are rocking those dresses with there big poofy bows on their heads for there big music video "Fashion is my Kyrptonite" But they don't usually dress like that on show. ON show Zendaya likes wear a lot of  kirts with cardigans and jackets and her pink combat boots are her favorite! (seen in picture at right) Now that's Zendaya on show. Now time for Bella on show. Bella loves wearing high heel boots with tights and with a lot of prints and cropped tank tops. I call her style funky and cute! (seen at photo at top)

Off Show Style!

Now time for there off show style! So let's start with Zendaya! Now off the show she dresses fresh! She loves printed jackets with a sweatshirt in the bottom of the jacket, and skinny jeans (colored or denim), and with some high top shoes. Now I call Zendaya's off show look fresh! :) So time for Bella's off show style/fashion. Bella's fashion I would call trendy because she loves wearing dresses and heels. Now what she wears off show is a dress and some heels. As see in this remarkable picture when she was in the red carpet fro Disney's Channel's Make You Mark dance Off Competition. So that's all for both of Zendaya's in and off show style!

True Friends
This is Zendaya's and Bella's first show together have become best friends with the show, out of the show, and especially with fashion! So here are some extra photos of Zendaya and Bella together! Bye beauties! :)

Hope you enjoyed! :)

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