Friday, December 28, 2012

What To Wear On A Lazy Day?!

What To Wear On A Lazy Day?!
Hey there beauties! Have you ever had a day that you just don't want to do anything or just rest and be lazy. Those are your lazy days. If you want to be lazy you have to wear something comfortable. That's why I picked out this lazy day outfit for you! Let's get started! On a lazy day you have to wear a nice cozy knit sweater like this one. Also you can wear sweatpants also but to make it more fashionable, you can wear some leggings. Another thing is that you should wear slippers like these are some moccasins to keep your feet warm. If your lazy and just want to rest you cuddle up with some warm blankets like these to keep you warm. And if you while you are cozying up in your bed you can play some games on your phone or go on the internet. Also put your hair up in a bun it feels more comfortable then putting your hair down especially if your going to take a nap. That's about it! Have a great lazy day my beauties! :)

PHILO SOFIE blue striped sweater
$570 -

Mango velvet pants

UGG Australia black shoes
$130 -

Tech accessory

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