Friday, December 14, 2012

Snow Gossip: What Christmas Means To Me!

Hey there beauties! Can you believe that Christmas is almost here! I love Christmas and it's my favorite holiday. Today we will do a Snow (Glitter) Gossip and It is What Christmas means to me! I love Christmas because it is the time of giving and sharing love with your family. Christmas is not all about the presents and the decoration, it's about the love with your family and friends. Now, what Christmas means to is about the family because I have a big family so I love spending time with them and sharing our traditions with everyone. Another thing of what Christmas means to me is putting your decorations is not a feeling that you put your decorations and your done what it actually means to me is that when I put decorations up I know that Christmas is coming and I love that feeling. Everyone should love that feeling as much as I do. Another thing of what Christmas mans to me is that your traditions is so fun to share with family and friends and people that don't do traditions or celebrate Christmas should also feel that way because their is more than holiday joy like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa  or Diwali also means so share traditions. Like Hanukkah you get turn on your candles everyday and Kwanzaa is the same thing and Diwali also means spending time with family and sharing traditions. Christmas is about spending time with your family not gifts. But I know that's one tradition of Christmas, to give presents but everyone does that.

If you have a wishlist. That's okay because I have one also. I believe you probably have one also. But it's okay to give it to Santa!:) My parents always told me if you get something small like a pair of socks or a art set or something you didn't want and wasn't on your wish list it's okay because it comes from people's hearts that give it to you. That's something else of what Christmas means me. I also love spending time with my friends to share memories like this weekend I might go ice skating with my friends. That's the thing I love about Christmas sharing love and memories. That's what Christmas really means to me! :) Bye beauties! Happy Holidays! :)  

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