Saturday, December 8, 2012

Snow Gossip: My Christmas Wishlist! :D

Hey there beauties! You are probably asking why is my title is named Snow Gossip. Well, I know I have done Glitter Gossip but to give it a holiday spirit I put it as Snow Gossip! :D Fun right?! Well today's "Snow" Gossip is, My Christmas Wishlist. Well I am not trying to brag or anything about what I want. I know that I already have food on my table, a roof over my head, and wonderful family and friends that look after me. BTW: If you check out Grace's blog: She has a earlier post talking about what she is grateful of. And that really inspired me! I believe that that post she made was called Christmas Countdown: Wishlists #6! So make sure to check out her blog! :D Now ever since Hurricane Sandy, a lot of people lost homes, needs, clothes, family memories and much more. Now, since I felt bad I decided to donate clothes to the children and families that lost their clothes. Also, I decided to donate toys to the kindergardeners in Momouth New Jersey. But these things are the things I want since Christmas is not only about presents, and the decorations, etc.. it's about family and love! Well, a lot of people have Christmas wishlists and I get that because me, myself has a wishlist and this is the point of this post! So let's get started!
My Wishlist:

  • Boots/Shoes from Justice
  • Clothes from my fav store Forever 21
  • Gift Card to any store
  • Warm jackets!
  • Beanie and lots more
Well, I know that I won't get all of this at least just one from my family. Like a gift card I will recommend to you beauties because it has a whole control on your gift. But anyways if someone gives you something you should like it because it comes from their hearts. So I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday! Bye beauties! :)


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