Friday, December 28, 2012

Quick Post About A New Segment!

Hey there beauties! So right now I am going to do a quick post about a new segment that's coming up tomorrow. So this new segment and I have been getting a lot of requests by it and it is a vlog. So these vlog is going to be about my life for example tomorrow I am doing a target vlog so I am going to show you, me in target and what I am getting. But some of vlogs are going to be about fashion and everything also monthly favorites like on Sunday I am doing a deember favorites vlog. Vlog is the mixture of video and blog and that's what I am doing. But dont worry I promise I will do other posts other than videos. So this blog will be fashion beauty and my life. Yea a lot of mixtures! :p So that's all beauties and I will start tomorrow :) Bye beauties! :D

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