Saturday, December 22, 2012

HoliDIY: Renovate Your Old Sweater For The Holidays! ♥

Hey there beauties! So the Holidays are almost here so what better way to celebrate it by renovating your old sweater to make it into something fashionable! Today Bethany aka macbarbie07 will show you and some of her own creations of how to renovate your old sweaters. And the best part it's super easy so you can do it yourself! Make sure to have an old sweater not a new or expensive sweater because you can't ruin it and it's probably very fashionable that's what makes it expensive. This is my favorite post so far because I love the name that Bethany gave it, HoliDIY, because she changed day in DAY in holiday to D.I.Y. which means do it yourself and you can do this yourself because it is really easy. Now, Beth will show you how to make your old sweaters into a skirt, legwarmers, peek a boo sleeves, and much more! What you will need for this holiDIY project is: any old sweater(s), gold studs, fabric glue, crystals, and scissors. Make sure to follow all the instructions to make this awesome and fashionable D.I.Y project that I will try out after I am done with this! :p Bye beauties and Happy HoliDIYs! :P :)

Hope you Enjoyed! :)

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