Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday/December Favorites!

December/Holiday Favorites!
Hey there beauties! Today I will be showing you my December/Holiday favorites! So the first thing is a scarf that I have and its from Forever 21. Then, I love Starbucks so I love drinking a nice hot beverage from there. Then, I love Yankke Candles so I put this one in my room to make it smell like holiday and good! Then, I love moonlight path cream from Bath and Body Works. Then, I love my combat boots form Forever 21! Then, I love duct tape so I love making creations out of it when I have spare time. Then, I love my moccasins to stay at home! Then, I love my PINK sweatpants that I love wearing on lazy or sick days. Lastly, my favorite is my robe because it is so fuzzy! Well thats all for now! Bye beauties! :D

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