Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Makeup, Outfit, & clutch essentials!

Hey there beauties! :) I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend as much as I am! :) I can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner and it feels like yesterday that it was last year's Christmas. 2013 IS ALMOST HERE ALSO! How does time fly? Well other than that, this post will be about a New Years outfit and makeup inspiration and Bethany Mota aka macbarbie07, will show you her clutch essentials. And what that is, is that she will show you what she puts in her clutch purse what purse she uses in this video is super cute and I totally have to get it! This outfit and makeup inspiration is not only for New Years it can be for any type of holiday but I said New Years because that outfit for me looks more like for New Years so I will see if I can find any inspiration in my closet and it's really easy because you don't have to have the exact same thing Bethany has you can just jump into your closet and you can find items similar to the one she is wearing that is the part of inspiration! :D So let's get started! Happy Holidays and Have A Happy New Year my lovely beauties! :)
Here's the link to Beth's Youtube Channel:

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