Sunday, December 9, 2012

Beauty Blabber: NO HEAT Holiday Curls + Easy Hairstyles!

Hey there beauties! So before I start with my new beauty blabber I just wanted to give you guys some good news that..... I am getting a haircut today! Also I am going to The Radio City Christmas Spectacular today in NYC! I will tell you all about it I promise!!! So let's get started with today's post! :) As you all know I love Macbarbie07 aka Bethany, so I decided to give you her latest video she just uploaded which is NO HEAT Holiday Curls + Easy Hairstyles! Now me, myself is going to do this hairstyle today after I get back from my haircut because it is kinda a pain curling your hair with heat because you burn your self a lot! OUCH! :/ So make sure to follow her steps because this is really easy! Bye beauties! :D 

Hope You Enjoyed! :)
Note: If you tried this hairstyle make sure to tell me all about it! Thanks! :)

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