Monday, December 17, 2012

Beauty Blabber: The Best Drugstore Beauty Products!

Hey there beauties! So today I am doing a new beauty blabber and today's topic is The Best Drug Store Beauty Products. Now, what this is, is that Blair aka juicystar07, will show you her best beauty products that she owns and also recommends you buying these products from a drug store. I will also recommend you beauties using these beauty products from the drug store is because they are a lot cheaper than the real company beauty products and it works really well. Trust me I have a lot of drug store bought beauty products and it is a whole lot less than what the real price is. Also, some people think that things, products, food and etc.. that aren't from the real company it is bad but it's not. It's the same thing but just in a different bottle, can, etc.. and it has a different name. So sit tight and think about what I said because trust me because, if you were the people who said that products from a real company is much better than the non-company ones, you are going to regret it after you read this and watch Blair's video. Bye beauties! :D 
Hope you enjoyed! :)

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