Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baking With Angela: Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies! :)

Hey there beauties! Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Ha-ha! :) Have you ever said the words "What should I bake for my family on Christmas morning?" or "What is a delicious Christmas recipe?" Those questions are going to be answered after you read this special Baking With Angela post, How to make Christmas Tree cookies. Now, make sure to have all ingredients and supplies to make this very special Christmas treat. Enjoy my beauties! :)


  • Sugar Cookie Dough
  • Yellow and Green Royal Icing
  • Sprinkles
  •  Extra Flour
  • Rolling Pin
  • Pastry Mat
  • Christmas Tree Shaped Cookie Cutter
  1. First flour your pastry mat and also rub flour all over your rolling pin so the dough does not stick. Put your dough on your pastry mat and form it to a circle shape. Then, start rolling it all over with your rolling pin. You want to end up in a quarter inch texture of your dough. 
  2. After you are done rolling your dough into a quarter inch texture, place your Christmas Tree cookie cutter on the corner of the dough. Press down and pick up the cutter and you have your first Christmas Tree cookie dough. Keep doing that into you are all out of dough and place the cookie dough onto a tray. 
  3. After you are done, pop the cookie dough tray into the oven for 400 degrees for about 8 minutes or more depending on how they are cooking. 
  4. Once your cookies are out of the oven and have been cooled, what you are going to do is take your green icing and were going to do something called flood the cookie and what it pretty much is, is that you have to take your green icing and make a border around the Christmas tree. You keep filling it in my tracing the border. Now, if you have any gaps take a toothpick and make it into the right shape you want it to be. 
  5. Now, with your yellow icing, you are going to put a tiny bit in the top of the tree to start and then skip a line and keep attaching it if it were like streamers going down the Christmas tree. 
  6. Then with your sprinkles you can add any pattern you want on your streamers. And do that to your other cookies and you are done! Congrats you just made Christmas Tree cookies! :)
Need some help? No problem! Here is a video to help you out! :)
Hope you Enjoyed! :)

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