Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days (Traditions) of Christmas Contest + Tragic Moment

Hey there beauties! So today we will have a new contest but other than that, Today at 9:30 a.m gunman, Ryan Lanza, went into Sandy Hook, Connecticut Elementary school and shot 20 children, 8 teachers, 1 body found in gunman's mom's house, and including gunman.  So many little kids and teachers were killed in Newtown, Connecticut.  Looking back at Columbine High School shooting was also tragic but not as this. Who would do that? What world are we living in? Most of the victims are kindergardners. Imagine how parents feel. God Bless and R.I.P to all in Connecticut and more. ♥ :( I can't believe someone had the heart to go and kill so many little kids and staff members. Worried parents. Crying Children. What a tragic moment. I can't believe someone had the heart to go to an elementary school and kill so many little kids and staff members. This shows what kind of society we live in. I feel so bad for all the people who lost their loved ones on this tragic event R.I.P to all the kids and teachers that passed away :'( Imagine the little kids waiting to open their Christmas presents and loving it too much but all of that went away. Gold Bless and R.I.P 

Well even with that tragic moment. I am having a 12 Days (Traditions) of Christmas contest so what this is that you need to name your 12 favorite traditions or your 12 things on your Christmas wishlist. Here are the rules and instructions..

  •  Name your 12 favorite traditions or your wishlist
  • Does not have to be Christmas can be other holidays
  • Contest will be going for three weeks
I will add more further rules in other posts called "Quick Contest Update" so make sure to check that out. Comment below your 12 favorite tradition or what 12  things are on your wishlist. Bye beauties and God Bless! 


  1. aww i know this is a very sad tragedy but we have to move on and the shoter was adam lanza ryan lanza was the brother of the gunman

  2. OKay I know butimagine how the childrens parents feel.. Very Sad.. Make sure to Enter My Contest! -Angela God Bless :)