Saturday, November 10, 2012

Which One Will You Wear?

Hey there beauties! :) So today I am going to do a post about which on what will you prefer to wear. You beauties will see a lot of which one will you wear. If you prefer the first bottom you can like it! These jeans you can get at Forever 21. Me, myself has these pants and they are super cute with some UGG boots. If prefer the second one share it with people! You can get these pink high waist at Delia's. These will look so cute with strap sandals or flats. If you prefer the last one or third one, you can comment below! These pants you can get at Forever 21 or Easy Pickins. The last pants will look super cute with flats, boots, sandals or however you want to accessorize your self. Now these pants can be from personality also. For an example, the first bottoms can be for someone who is casual or sporty kinda in a fashionable way or just chilling or just hanging out. Another example, is the second pants the high waisted bottoms can be for someone or any beauties that are in the normal level of trendy. The last example is that if you like or commented on the last one is for someone who is casual, just like the first bottom.

Now beauties, pants or bottoms are all different. They have different sizes, shapes, colors, style, and a different personality! Like if LOVED the first bottoms. Share if you LOVED the second bottoms. Comment if you LOVED the last bottoms. Remember that everyone has a different had they should not be judged by it. So if you have a great personality, and everyone should. Comment if you are a trendy girl, sporty chick, casual beauties, or nah I will just wear anything from closet girl. Or if you have your own personality comment! It does not matter what you are everyone does not have the same personality and every one is unique when it comes to clothing. Unfortunately, as I said in my other posts, my spooky costume contest is over and no one had entered. :( But make sure to keep checking out my blog for any new contests. If you are lucky, I can give out prizes for one of a lot of my contests. Keep checking out my blog for any new fashion or beauty related posts and any segments. Thanks beauties! Talk to you later! :)  

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