Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Is Your 3 Favorite Things Contest!!!

Hey there beauties! Today I have very exited news for you!!......... I am having a new contest!! Now this contest will be for everyone! No one has to be like a beautie, or a fashionista! Be yourself! Now this contest will be with these conditions/rules....

  • Name 3 of your favorite things
  • It can be whatever you want! :D
  • The contest will be going for about three weeks
  • Comment below your 3 favorite things!
  • And why those are your three favorite things
Remember to follow all the rules and instructions for this contest. And the contest will be about three weeks so you have plenty of time to enter!! I will give you guys an update every day or every week about the contest! If you have any questions comment below! You can comment your three favorite things here in this blog post or in any of my posts that say "Contest Update" And then I will pick on which are the coolest things from people! Good Luck Beauties! EVERYONE IS A WINNER! :D 


  1. my 3 favorite things are
    1. gymnastics cream

  2. Why are they your three favorite things?

  3. i like these 3 things becasue I love gymnastics cause it makes me calm and I like icecream ecspecially chocolate and I love my FRIENDS!!!