Sunday, November 4, 2012

What Do You Need In a Cosmetic Bag?!

Hey there beauty's! Do you struggle on what you need in your cosmetic/makeup bag? The don't worry beauty girl Angela is here to help. In this post I will help you chose the right makeup bag for you and tell you what you need in your makeup bag! So let's get started! This makeup bag is an example of a makeup bag that someone with a lot makeup. In this bag what you will need is.....

A brush set:

MAC Blush:
Eye Shadow Pallet:
Lip Gloss:
Lip Stick: 
Lash Curler: 
That is what you will need if you have that size of a makeup bag (seen above). You can add some things if you would like but that is what I will add if I had that size makeup bag. Now we would need these supplies for this medium bag is the same things from above but what I will add with that is..
Travel Size Brush:
Fake Lashes:
Fake Lash Glue:

That is what I will add for a medium size bag including the stuff from above. Now the final bag is a mini bag that I will put only brush set,  eye shadow pallet, mascara, and lip gloss. Know to pick your cosmetic bag you will need to know how much stuff do you or do I have a lot? If you have a lot I would recommend you to have a large size cosmetic bag to have a lot of room for your makeup supplies. If you have some things, not a lot or not even a small amount of cosmetics, you will need a medium size bag. If you only have like four things you will need a mini size bag because if you are traveling I would recommend that bag. Thanks and if you have any suggestions on my next blog comment below. Also, if you have any type of cosmetic bag, if it's small, medium, or large I would love to hear what you have in there, so leave a comment below. See you later beauty's! :)


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