Friday, November 2, 2012

Sick/Lazy Days Hair, Makeup & Outfit! + sick day essentials

Hey there beauty's! Are you having a sick or lazy day? And your feeling like your looking like a mess?! Then your problems are gone with Dr. Beth aka MacBarbie07! So if your having a sick or lazy day and still want to look like fashionista, but just in a comfortable way. Girls always want to look good even when they are sick and/or lazy. So Bethany will show you how to be beautiful and fashionably even when you are having a bummy day. She will also show you how to always stay healthy and her sick day essentials. Make sure to have all your supplies needed for tutorial. What she will add in this video is hair, makeup, outfit, and her sick days essentials. So keep your eyes open for this video! Good Luck Guys! :) 

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