Friday, November 2, 2012

Shoes of Your Personality!

Hello Beauty's! Everyone has a different personality when it comes to fashion. Some people are sporty, casual, or a total fashionista! Shoes also come in your personality. Like in this picture, those black open toed heels are totes a fashionista that you can where with a party dress. Those boots are for someone who is casual and with some skinny jeans, those boots will rock on! Flats are for someone who is just casual also. Chuck Taylor's Converses, are for someone who is sporty looking, shoes are the #1 sport look. Glitter heels are so fashionista! That can be worn with a super cute silver dress.  The two strapped sandals are for someone who is casual for a nice spring day and a flower dress will look totes cute! 

Everyone has there own personality, that's what makes you human! :) Don't judge any one for there look, personality, because everyone has a different kind. Comment below who and what your personality is. Remember to enter my spooky costume contest! Look earlier post for rules and instruction. This is the last week to enter. No one has entered yet! :( You can be the first one and win! You can make your name appear in one of my blog posts! Make sure to check out my blog for more fashion and beauty stuff! Have a good day beauty's! :)

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