Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ruffle Dresses!

Hey there beauty's! :) I found this picture online and decided to blog about it! Ruffle dresses are totes cute for me be they really stand out on what accessories I'm wearing. And its fashionably cute! So let's start describing! :)The first one is a strapless, knee long ruffled dress with a big pink belt, and if you had not noticed for me this is the most ruffled dress in this picture. The second one is my favorite! :D Its a tank top attached to a skirt, its very short, and it has big bow. :) The second one is not absolutely not ruffled its curled only in the bottom, strapless, and with a big cute pink bow to match the bottom part of the dress. The fourth one is a strapless dress, with a waist belt and a bow on the side, and the ruffles are layered. The fifth one is a strapless layered dress, it is flat and still on the fist part, but then ruffled on the bottom. Last but not least, the sixth one on our list of ruffle dresses is also a strapless and curled dress on the bottom. 

Make sure to always smile when you wear a dress or even a favorite one! :D Comment on your favorite dress, but just pt the number of the dress you don't need to describe it. :) Make sure to enter my spooky costume contest. See earlier blog post for rules and instructions. Be a member and comment for any suggestion or recommendations! Bye beauty's! :)

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