Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rainy Day Fashion + My Rainy Day Essentials!

Hey there beauties!! I am so exited because today I am going to do a new blog post about... Rainy Day Fashion! So what Rainy Day Fashion is, is fashion for rainy days. And what I like about these outfits is that all of them are super fashionable and not like bad because on rainy days a lot people do get lazy. Bethany aka Macbarbie07, is going to show us her Rainy Day Fashion for any rainy day of course. So keep your eyes open for this video and I hope you like it! :)
So I hope you guys like the video! Now, I am going to tell you MY Rainy Day essentials. So of course if you are outside or walking around in the rain, I would always like to bring an umbrella! OF COURSE WHO DOESN'T! :) My umbrella is like a zebra print and its plastic. Okay so when I am walking around when it's drizzling or raining, I would like to bring like a cup of Hot Chocolate with me to keep me warm because this time of year it rains a lot and it is getting really cold! BRRRR!! :(  So always when it's raining I would like to wear boots and for some people that is a little weird because they dont want to get there nice boots wet. But I like it because it keeps myself warm! Then I always where a scarf and my scarves, Well, I have like a scarf collection so I use a scarf for one day. I call it my daily scarves. :) Then, I always wear a pair of gloves and one of those fuzzy/flurry gloves. 

If I am at home I would drink Starbucks Hot Chocolate to keep my body warm. I always like to turn my heater on because where I live it gets really cold when it rains. So I just like to put a warm blanket around me. Then, I just lay on my bed and go and BLOG on my laptop! I eat something hot like chicken, rice etc... SO i hope you guys liked my essentials and I will talk to you guys later! Bye! :* 

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