Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick Contest Update!

Hey there beauties! I am doing a quick contest update fro anyone who has missed it. So I just need to give you the instructions and rules..........

  • Name three of your favorite things
  • Why are they your three favorite things?
  • Contest will be going for about 3 weeks
  • Comment Below to answer
So these are the instructions now to give you the NEW rules. 

  • No inappropriate favorite things please
  • No more than 3 of your favorite things
  • If you do not explain why they are your favorite things I will not count it.
So remember the contest has been up for already a week now so that means you only have two weeks to go! So far two people have already entered my contest and that two people are Grace, and Nidhi. So go go go!!! Or else they will catch up on you and win! You can comment your three favorite things in the comments below or in any contest updates. Remember to check out my blog for any more beauty or fashion related posts and also contest updates. And also check out Grace and Nidhi's blogs too! Bye beauties!

Nidhi's Blog:
Grace's Blog:


  1. My favorite things are cooking, playing uno, and going to the mall. I love these things because I can enjoy all of these with my family!

  2. cool make sure to keep checking out my blog for more contest updates to keep getting updating! -Angela :D