Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick Contest Update!

Hey there beauties! So right now I am at school, but I decided to give you a contest update. But I promise you that I have so much to blog when I get home! So I already told you there was a contest coming up about what are the three things you like. So just make sure you know all the rules and instructions....

  • Name three of your favorite things
  • Tell me why they are your three favorite things
  • Contest will be for about three weeks
Okay so I wanted to give you new update for the contest. It is that two people will win so everyone can be a winner! :) Right now, so far, I only have one beautie entered my contest! :( :) And the person is Nidhi Patel! Remember to check out her blog too!  Don't forget! :D Remember you have to comment your three favorite things below or in any contest update or also you can comment in my older posts called "Name your three favorite things contest!" (Go to blog archive or keep scrolling down) Keep checking out my blog for more contest updates and fashion and beauty related posts! Thanks guys bye!


1 comment:

  1. My 3 Favorie things;) doesn't)
    2.Harry Potter, it's my all time favorite, i've read each book 30 times
    3.My room, it's cozy and quiet