Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prom Dress Ideas + Hair and Makeup!

Hey there beauties! Today, this post is about prom dress ideas and a hair and makeup video. The first dress is pink a purple ruffle glittery long dress. Now this can be worn with some sparkly silver heels. The  dress (on the side) is a pink open-back dress with a silver leather belt. This can be worn with the same thing as the other dress. But you can design it anyway! The black dress is if you want to wear something casual and a short dress. Anyways, it is a short black strapless  ruffle dress with a bow belt. This can be worn with some black stellatos.  The last and final one is pink flowery with an open leg. You can wear this with beige bow heels.

Now time for the hair and makeup!! :) Now, Bethany aka Macbarbie07, will show you how to do a perfect prom hair and makeup for your big day.... PROM! Now prom is a special day for students that are graduating from high school. Now if you are worried if you don't have an idea for your hair or makeup for prom. Don't worry Beth is here to help you! Keep your eyes open for this hair and makeup tutorial. Hope you guys enjoy! Happy Prom! :)

If your prom is coming up don't stress out about your dress or hair, makeup. Because Beth and me are here to help! Comment if you did this tutorial or if you liked it. Comment on any suggestions for my next blog post! But today is the last day to enter my spooky costume contest! You better join right now! Time is ticking and running out! Thanks you for watching! Love you guys! :) I will see you in my next post! :) <3

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