Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pastel Hair Styles!

Hey beauty's! Have you every seen celebrity's with pastel hair? If you did these are some inspirations with pastel hair from different girls that I got online, so lets get started! :D The first one is layered kinda hair way, like that I want! I was meaning to get that or even pink highlights but i'm still to young. Sorry I just got off topic moving on. :D The second one is super cool because it looks like a rainbow because it starts off in the bottom top of the hair and then it goes down until it reaches the bottom to make it look like a rainbow. i think that will look good with anyone that has blonde hair because it really stands out more. Number 3, it reminds me of Pink ,the celebrity not the color, because she has pink hair. On the top it is pink but then the bottom part is all her natural hair color. This also will look good with blonde hair because it also stands out. For pink it is good for blonde like any neon colors. Luke the first one she is a brunette and purple is not a neon color. So if its a natural color like not neon it will look for any dark hair. Moving on, the fourth one is like a dark color. I know in the picture she has like dirty blonde hair but those colors will look good also with any dark hair. The fifth one is also a dark color. Again this will look good in any type of hair because its not neon. The sixth one is rainbow and it has a braisd tied around so I thought that was really cute.

Right now, I see a lot of people with pink highlights where I live and I go to school. Really what they do, is spray paint it, koolaid it, or just dye like a regular person. If you you or anybody you know has any pastel hair leave a comment below I would love to see that. Remember to enter my spooky costume contest. See earlier post for instructions and rules. If you have any suggestions for my blog posts be a meber or comment if you would like. I will talk to you guys later bye beauty's! :*

P.S Here is an extra pic of pastel hair comment on which is your favorite!

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