Sunday, November 4, 2012

OOTD/Forever 21 Theme of The Week : Casual Fall Day!

Hey there Beauty's! :) Today I am doing a new OOTD and together with a Forever 21 theme of the week! So today topic is Casual Fall Day, and what that is a casual day shopping or doing whatever you would like. So let's get into it! :) Remember all parts of this outfit you can get at Forever 21. First things first, the top. The top is a knit cardigan to keep you cozy on winter days. And what else than to wear with a cardigan a a big strap floral tank (seen above). Bottom is my favorite part of an outfit, magenta skinny jeans make the outfit bright up! Accessories! This scarf is not a typical way to wear a scarf its a circle scarf, also called the circle shawl. The scarf stands out with the top because they are kinda the same color. Bangle necklace will look super great (seen above). If you want to add a another necklace, which I know and see a lot of people that do that, it's a diamond necklace you can wear in back of the first necklace because the diamond one is much longer. TICK TOCK! What time is it? If you struggle knowing what time it is, always wear a wrist watch to help you. Always make sure you have a purse with you so you put all your needs in your brown leather crossover purse. Leather brown boots with heels really match the purse and will look totes cute! 

What this outfit represents is that you can different combinations in your outfit. For example, in this outfit the boots, purse, and wrist watch all match. Also, The bangle necklace matches the tank top. Show your own style! Remember enter my spooky costume contest. Time is running out! This is the last week to enter! See earlier post for rules and instructions. Your name can be in one of my blog posts! If you have any suggestions on my next contest I should do leave a comment below and you can be a member also! Also, leave any suggestions on my next blog post in the comments below! Talk to you later beauty's! :)  

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