Saturday, November 3, 2012

OOTD: Preppy Look!

Hey there beauty's! :D Today I am doing a OOTD: Preppy Look! What a preppy look is like a girl who dresses in prep for example like school you would always wear a uniform. But this outfit is more of a fashionable preppy look. So lets get started! :) The coat is a buttoned up coat that you can get at Nordstorm. The dress is a chest dress with hearts all around and this you can get at Forever 21. The black closed foot tights you can get at Claires and that is good to wear because when you wear a dress you would always like to stay cozy. The classic ballet flats you can get at Aldo. The necklace is is kinda a collar necklace that you can get at Forever 21. I hope you guys liked this outfit. :)

This outfit was an inspiration from Spencer from Pretty Little Liars. If you liked this OOTD comment below and which favorite part of the outfit was. If you have any suggestions comment or be a member. Ask any questions you like for me I will always be there for you guys. Make sure to enter my spooky costume contest. This the last week to enter! SO HURRY UP TIME IS RUNNING OUT !!! :( See earlier post for rules and instructions. Thanks guys and I will catch up with you later! :) 

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