Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OOTD: One Direction Inspired Outfit!

OOTD: One Direction Inspired Outfit!

OOTD: One Direction Inspired Outfit! by angela005511 featuring a box clutch purse
Hey there beauties!!! Today I am doing a new OOTD,and I have been doing those a lot like everyday but I just want to give you guys some inspirations from me and my fashion sense. So today's OOTD'S topic is.... One Direction!!! Now this out is not like how they dress. But, it is a cute way of their style. So let's get started! :D Now, first with the top. The top is a cropped 1D (One Direction) Logo t-shirt that you can get in Then, for the bottom is a J Brand mid rise black skinny jeans. You can get these super cute bottoms from Then for the shoes!!!! These are not just any type of shoes! They are boots! These boots are black ash slip on boots. You can get these boots at Now time for the purse!!! The purse is the most important accessory in an outfit because you need to keep your belongings somewhere! This purse is a Alexander Mcqueen box clutch purse that has a London flag on it. You can get this super cute purse at Now last but not least a bracelet. Now, if you want to add your own accessories like earrings, necklace etc.. you can this is just my idea. So, this bracelet is 1D (One Direction) blue rubber bracelet. You can get this at Hot Topic.

 So if you can see I love One Direction. And I get so inspired with all these outfits. And for you beauties to know I make my collages at And I get tons of inspirations there and that is why I do an OOTD. Comment if you like this outfit. Comment if you have any suggestions for me for any beauty or fashion related posts you can comment. You can comment on whatever you want! If you don't like One direction it is okay because I will be doing other celebrity inspired outfits. And before I go I want to show you this video/commercial that I saw on t.v. and made me laugh! It is One direction and Drew Brees Pepsi Commercial. So sit back and relax and get prepared to laugh! Keep checking out my blog for any beauty or fashion related posts. Bye beauties! :D

Logo t shirt

J Brand mid rise jeans
$305 -

Ash slip on boots
$410 -

Alexander McQueen box clutch purse

Rubber bracelet

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