Friday, November 16, 2012

OOTD: London By Night!

London By Night!
Hey there beauties! Today I am back with a new OOTD (outfit of the day). And today's category is London By Night! What this is, is that I saw online that all out of people wear this outfit in London. And some people in London can wear different types of outfits but this one really inspired me! So let's start describing! :) Dress: This dress is a red polka dot dress from This outfit relly inspired me from Taylor Swift from her music video "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" because in the ending of the music she wears this dress to the ending dance and part of the song. Tights/Bottoms: These bottoms are not just regular bottoms... They are tights! These tights are a  black lace hosiery tight that you can get at Jacket/Outerwear: This jacket or outerwear (whatever you want to call it :p) is a brownish and red mixture Lauren Ralph Lauren One Button Blazer. I thought this will look cute with the outfit because the blazer and the dress have (kinda) the same color. Heels: Shoes! :) These shoes are just not any type of shoes! They are heels! These heels are a beige platform high heels. This you can get at Bag: What is more important to keep your belongings? A bag! DUH! :p This bag is genuine leather hand bag/ crossover bag. You can get this super cute crossover/ handbag at: Bags are important to keep because you can put important stuff in there so you don't have to hold a bunch of stuff in your hand. I would recommend big bags like this one to keep BIG belongings. 

So I hoped you liked this post! First of all, I am sorry that I am not doing too many posts now but now I am going to start making more posts for you beauties! I made this collage at So if you are a blogger your self you can make any types of collage you want. Unless it is not fashion related because you can only put fashion in the collages. Now, in the bottom I put links so you can these cute and awesome clothes by London By Night! And what London by Night means is that you are dressing like if you were or in London in the night. So that's why I picked that outfit because it looks like a night outfit if you are going out to eat with some family, relatives, friends etc.. So... Comment if you liked this outfit as much as I did! Comment if you LOVE my blog! :p And Comment for any suggestions on my next blog post. But remember it can only be beauty or related posts! :) Or just comment on anything you would like from me! Keep checking out my blog for any beauty or fashion related posts! Bye beauties! :)

Dot dress

Lauren Ralph Lauren one button blazer
$290 -

Lace hosiery

Platform high heels

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